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Top Hat transforms student engagement with personalized, meaningful and equitable learning. Our dynamic courseware empowers educators to deliver a course that resonates with every student, helping them realize the full value of their education.

Here’s how we improve your students’ learning experience, together.

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Data and Insights

Every interaction in Top Hat creates valuable information that instructors and institutions can use to make learning more effective. You can measure results of student success efforts with dashboards or custom data delivery.

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Dynamic Courseware Platform

Top Hat is a single, flexible platform that empowers instructors and institutions to drive engagement in the way that best fits the needs of their students.

Engaging Content

Top Hat helps students connect with content, instructors, and classmates. It lets instructors naturally link what students learn in class with what they study and how they’re assessed, which increases student confidence and satisfaction with the course.

Better learning drives better results.

84 %

say Top Hat is more engaging

Students say Top Hat makes them feel more motivated about the learning process.

2 x

the excitement about learning

Students are more than twice as likely to feel excited about learning and feel comfortable asking questions.

94 %

agree it’s easy to use

Students say Top Hat is easy to use because we’ve modernized the teaching and learning experience.

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